Date Title Author
Feb 15, 2024 Building a CV with R and Google Sheets Susan Vanderplas
Feb 8, 2024 Using Git Submodules Susan Vanderplas
Jan 9, 2024 Cultivating Insights: Harnessing the Power of Data Visualization in Agriculture Susan Vanderplas
Dec 14, 2023 Multimodal User Testing: Producing comprehensive, task-focused guidelines for chart design Susan Vanderplas, Reka Howard, Emily Robinson
Dec 6, 2023 How Do You Define a Circle? Perception and Computer Vision Diagnostics Susan Vanderplas, Muxin Hua
Oct 12, 2023 Graphics and Cognition: How Do We Perceive Charts? Susan Vanderplas
Aug 8, 2023 Testing Statistical Graphics Susan Vanderplas
Mar 27, 2023 What Makes a Good Graph? Graphical Testing and Principles for Graph Design Susan Vanderplas
Feb 15, 2023 Inconclusive Conclusions: Biases and Consequences Susan Vanderplas
Oct 5, 2022 Reproducible Science: Statistics, Forensics, and the Law Susan Vanderplas
Sep 22, 2022 How to make good charts Susan Vanderplas
Aug 3, 2022 Local Population Footwear Class Characteristics - An End-to-End Pipeline for Automatic Data Acquisition and Analysis Susan Vanderplas, Rick Stone
Aug 2, 2022 From Scans to Scores Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Apr 8, 2022 Pandemics, Graphics, and Perception of Log Scales Susan Vanderplas, Emily Robinson, Reka Howard
Mar 24, 2022 Automatic Acquisition of Footwear Class Characteristics Susan Vanderplas, Rick Stone
Apr 9, 2021 Exploring Rural Quality of Life Using Data Science and Public Data Susan Vanderplas, Denise Bradford
Mar 16, 2021 Visual Statistics: Communication and Graphical Testing Susan Vanderplas
Feb 5, 2021 Welcome to Forensic Statistics Susan Vanderplas
Jul 29, 2020 Perception and Visual Communication in a Global Pandemic Susan Vanderplas
Mar 11, 2020 Statistical Evaluation of Firearms and Toolmark Evidence Susan Vanderplas
Feb 11, 2020 One of these things is not like the others: Visual Statistics and Testing in Statistical Graphics Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Jan 12, 2020 Big Data, Big Experiments, and Big Problems Susan Vanderplas
Jul 31, 2019 Statistical Lineups for Bayesians Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 1, 2018 Framed Charts in the 1870 Statistical Atlas Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
May 17, 2018 Clusters Beat Trend!? Testing Feature Hierarchy in Statistical Graphics Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 2, 2017 A Bayesian Approach to Visual Inference Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 10, 2015 Visual Aptitude and Statistical Graphics Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 10, 2015 Animint: Interactive Web-Based Animations using Ggplot2’s Grammar of Graphics Susan Vanderplas, Toby Hocking
Aug 4, 2014 The curse of three dimensions: Why your brain is lying to you Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 4, 2014 Do You See What I See? Using Shiny for User Testing Susan Vanderplas
May 30, 2014 Animint: Interactive, Web-Ready Graphics with R Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
Aug 7, 2013 Signs of the Sine Illusion – why we need to care Susan Vanderplas, Heike Hofmann
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